About Us

Meet our CEO, Rodneytra Richmond. At only 21 years of age Rodneytra established her very first business in May of 2017 called “50 Shades of Pink”. 50 Shades of Pink specializes in trendy sunglass wear, as well as handbags/book-bags, fanny packs and other accessories. Rodneytra began to love the entrepreneur world so she expanded and founded a boutique. Pink Label Boutique LLC was founded in January of 2018 and officially launched in April of 2018. Rodneytra eventually plans to open a store location for Pink Label Boutique.
More about Rodneytra:
Rodneytra is just a regular 25 year old girl who has always been a go-getter with big dreams of becoming a fashion designer and entrepeneur. She’s hardworking, dedicated and very motivated at a young age. Rodneytra works day in and day out to make sure Pink Label Boutique is successful. She makes sure all customers needs are met and all customers are satisfied. Her favorite color is PINK, obviously. But the color pink is more than just a color to her. The color pink speaks volumes. It’s more of a statement and an attitude. 


Pink Label Boutique’s mission is to offer extraordinary customer service to all customers. We create the most enjoyable shopping experience possible for our guests. We treat each customer like they’re the only customer. We make doing business with us easy and convenient! We want customers to have a safe and easy shopping experience considering our customers are the reason and inspiration for everything we do. We use the power of fashion and fun to help individuals stand out while wearing our clothing. We aim to be one of the world’s most respected boutiques. To do this, we have established a concept so that we can provide exceptional service to our customers. What makes us stand out from the rest is we are one of the very few boutiques who provide prompt delivery services in Cleveland, OH. Considering the fact that most customers concerns are about on time delivery. We want to meet the customers demands and deliver the products to the customer punctually.